The BEST Platform To Upload & Promote Your Music

You may have wondered “What’s the best website to upload and promote my new music?

The simple, one word answer is “YouTube.” If you don’t upload your content to YouTube, you are missing out on hundreds of thousands of views and this is why:

Benefits of Uploading Content to YouTube:

1- Build an Audience. YouTube allows you to create a channel where you can build a LOYAL fan base! Once someone has subscribed, they are notified of your newest upload and can help you gain momentum and views. Make sure to upload CONSISTENTLY (at least once weekly)!

2- Reach the top of google search pages. Do your homework. What are the top keywords people are searching when trying to find music of your genre. Use those keywords and implement them in your video description, title, and tags. More traffic = More Success.

3- Check YouTube’s statistics:
– Over a billion different people visit YouTube monthly!
– Over 6 BILLION HOURS are watched each month… don’t miss out
– Over a million NEW subscriptions are made each day. NOW is the time to grow your audience.

4- Create AdSense video advertisements. If done properly you can generate thousands of views for pennies each! This is a key way to building your brand and exposing yourself to new people. Too many people miss out on this opportunity because they are scared to spend money. Start low at $5 a day and see what happens.

5- Communicate / Network with people. You can collaborate with other similar artists from around the world to. This will help you gain their fan base too. People are constantly commenting on YouTube videos, make sure to respond! People want to know your human so they can create a lasting bond.

Once you have uploaded your song to YouTube, share it on your Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, etc. (this gets your video rated higher on the YouTube search engine.

Don’t only use YouTube! Also upload your music to other social media websites to promote your music. A personal favorite is SoundCloud.

The Masked Man.

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