“Sedated” – Mac Miller x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat 2016 (Prod by EyeAm.)

“Sedated” is a tripped out Mac Miller x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat.

Purchase or Lease “Sedated” at:

You know that girl that’s bad for you.. yet you still desire her anyways. That’s what marijuana is to me. Once that thought of blazing enters my mind, it just keeps coming back like a boomerang.

I hear “Psst.. Hey, you. Roll up a doob and let’s get loose.”

So I twist up a joint. A beautiful joint, fat like a baby with absolutely no wrinkles.

I yonder on outside, put the tip to my lips and flick the bic.

After cycling the smoke in and out.. my state of mind shifts.

Shit.. this was supposed to get me high… why am I on the ground. This was supposed to calm me down, but I’m paranoid. The thoughts start taking on a life of their own. I no longer control them.

Then BANG!

I quit.

Quit taking hits to make hits.

I’ve gotten stoned more times than that dude Jesus Christ and now understand that “What goes up, must come down”

I don’t mari-wanna do anything that doesn’t lift me and the people around me up. I’m too focussed on self progression.

Let’s create the lives we choose.
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