[Free] “SPiRiTs” – Joey BadAss x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat 2016 (Prod. by EyeAm.)


Earl Sweatshirt x Joey Badass Type Beat

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“The Spirits Keep Calling Me”

It’s friday night,
& I’ve got my mind right,
The sun went down
So I’m up to make sounds,

Found an ozone up in my own zone,
’til these spirits started calling me on my home phone. *Ring**Ring*

It’s my necessity to hustle,
’til temptations make me struggle,
My friends are up to trouble,
They say “come and drink a couple.”

I know they’re bluffin’
Cuz a couple means a dozen,
Search for pieces of
peace yet I find that I’m puzzled.

The spirits keep calling,
Yep, the spirits installing,
Devil and the angel on my
shoulders keep me stalling.

Somewhat feint… but I can hear it,
Can’t do what I’ll regret,
So I text the damn spirits.

Told em’ that my insides are talking and I talk back,
I can’t drink tonight so please don’t call back.

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