“F*ck Depression” 😞 Frank Ocean x Mac Miller Type Beat 2016 (Prod. by Eyeam.)

“F*ck Depression” – Frank Ocean ft. Mac Miller Type Beat 2016

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“Fuck Depression”

Trials and tribulations will be faced upon any great journey.

I have faced my fair share of adversities.


A symptom our planet has a love affair with.

I’ve been in the darkest corners within myself just to find the light.

Depression is a state of mind, which is a state of being (Body is Mind, Mind is Body.. they are one)

Nobody else could save me from anxiety. No one but myself.

It was a difficult journey, but one day at a time… I beat the fuck out of depression πŸ™‚

How did I manage it?? Simple!!

I started to treat my thoughts as guests in my home.

If a Negative thought knocked on my door, I would say “Hey! Thanks for stopping by but I am no longer in need of your survices.”

And when those positive thoughts knocked on my door… Well, I’d say “Heeeyy! What’s crackin?! Here, take a seat. Would you like a drink? A lattee?”

I entertained those positive thoughts like I would entertain one of my friends.

You see… what I am trying to say is that WE CONTROL OUR THOUGHT!

Don’t allow your thoughts to control you (because your mind is very powerful and will try to take you over)

When you are faced with adversity, don’t look at it as bad. It is still there, good or bad. This is a challenge in disguise.

Will temporary defeat turn into a failure? Or a great success?

The decision is up to you.


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