Chance The Rapper ft. DRAM Type Beat 2016 – “Mr Solo” (Prod. by EyeAm.)

“Mr. Solo,” is a chill Chance The Rapper ft. D.R.A.M. Instrumental Type Beat.

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As per usual, I have added a little write up bellow:


They see I’m alone, so they assume I’m lonely,
But they fail to see, I’m my own homie.

A friend ’til the end this is my story,
How can I be alone.. I’ve got me!

And as I rise, I spy through my third eye,
People searching earth for a girl or a guy..
I sit back… observe and ask why?
Why don’t you guys see what’s on the inside?

Now, I’m not saying love is bad or wrong,
But don’t get too attached like a strap on bra.

Love will come, but within your own state,
So build yourself first and find your own soul, mate

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