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Buddha (the “enlightened one”) has been a mentor for years.

He may be dead but his words live on…or his message lives on.

We (in the West) live in a very “success” driven society. We want more, more, more.. there seems to never be enough.

But, why?

Why do we keep searching for more?

Why do we seek “success”? What is success?

We all have different ideas of success, but the principle is the same. We are trying to fill a void.

That is all success seems to mean… Trying to fulfill yourself… But, you are a bottomless cup! You can’t be filled!

And that brings me back to Young Buddha’s message (that’s his rap name obvs)

EMPTINESS! His teachings speak of emptiness (do some homework & learn about meditation)

Buddha has found immense joy within himself. He has become EMPTY. No thoughts, no goals, no reaching for success… yet he is utterly content.

He is joyful within. He does not need the outside world to provide him with happiness.

Happiness is a result. You are happy cause you won or got a raise. Joy is inherent. Joy doesn’t care what the outside world presents him with.. he is still joyful.

So what the fuck am I saying??

I’m saying we need more emptiness. We need more meditation. We need more joy.

Meditation is the only way to bring about that emptiness. That inner joy.

Meditation has been proven to bring more peace, creativity, and joy into our lives.

Give it a chance (the rapper).


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