“SAD BART” – Lil Peep x Lil Tracy Type Beat 2017 (Prod. by EyeAm.)

“Sad Bart” is a beat influenced by Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, and 6 dogs. Trap drums and punk rock chords. Produced by EyeAm. The Masked Man.

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“Ascension” – Mac Miller x Chance The Rapper Type Beat 2016 (Prod. by EyeAm.)


Can you feel it?

For the past little while I’ve had this strange feeling towards growth… expansion.

I feel as if my old ways are no longer serving me.

I’m starting to see and understand the uselessness of jealousy, hatred, and other weak emotions.

Inside.. something is calling. Something wants to be felt, expanded, and expressed.

I’m on the search for more life. I seek to be the best me.

What I want, I also want for you. I see myself in you.

We may be in different bodies, but I still see something of myself in you.

That’s why I am growing and promoting your growth.

Does anyone else feel as if they are moving into a new state of being?

A higher state? With more abundance and more joy, less fear.

Let me know in the comment section bellow!

Let’s grow together.

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Childish Gambino x Tyler the Creator Type Instrumental Beat

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Who spiked our coffee with pills?

I can’t help but feel sick as we are trapped in some ill-usions.

It’s as if we are hallucinating on some drug.

Why do we think that the outside world matters?

Why don’t we realize that it’s our FEELINGS that matter?

Do you see what I mean by MATTER? I mean MATERIALIZE.. MANIFEST.


We MUST relinquish the confusion!!!

We are staring in the mirror.. asking for change.. when the change must happen within.

Let me repeat this…



Get out of the old, lame lie that society has put us in.

We are trapped in far more illusions than just this… but, it’s a start. We need to help each other realize these things. We need to view the world with clear eyes.

Where’s the Visine?

[Free] “SPiRiTs” – Joey BadAss x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat 2016 (Prod. by EyeAm.)


Earl Sweatshirt x Joey Badass Type Beat

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“The Spirits Keep Calling Me”

It’s friday night,
& I’ve got my mind right,
The sun went down
So I’m up to make sounds,

Found an ozone up in my own zone,
’til these spirits started calling me on my home phone. *Ring**Ring*

It’s my necessity to hustle,
’til temptations make me struggle,
My friends are up to trouble,
They say “come and drink a couple.”

I know they’re bluffin’
Cuz a couple means a dozen,
Search for pieces of
peace yet I find that I’m puzzled.

The spirits keep calling,
Yep, the spirits installing,
Devil and the angel on my
shoulders keep me stalling.

Somewhat feint… but I can hear it,
Can’t do what I’ll regret,
So I text the damn spirits.

Told em’ that my insides are talking and I talk back,
I can’t drink tonight so please don’t call back.

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“Mirror” – Chance The Rapper x Frank Ocean Type Beat 2016 (Prod. by EyeAm)

“Mirror” is a chilled out Frank Ocean x Chance The Rapper Type Beat made in 2016.

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“Life’s a Mirror”

The outside world is a reflection of your innermost thoughts and desires.

That is very important to understand. Read that every day until you can “feel” this truth.

I hear far too many complaints from my friends and family blaming their lack of success on other people, their upbringing, their financial situation…. whatever it may be, it can’t possibly be their own fault, right..?

EERR, wrong! I’m here to tell you that YOU are the cause of everything in your life (positive or negative). How you deal with the small situations in life will change the future.

We need to regain responsibility for ourselves. We need to become more aware of our thoughts and desires. Thoughts are powerful and the very nature of power can destruct or build.

The mind is also VERY powerful. It can take you over. It can make you believe you are the ego…. but you are not.. you are far beyond.

Once you become aware of the negative things you’ve been holding onto (which we all do) you then have the ability, in that moment only, to transmute it into something positive.

If you are unaware of these negative blocks in your mind, they will keep on showing up in physical reality again and again.

The mirror doesn’t care what you think about yourself. The mirror reflects. It reflects self confidence in the same way it reflects low self esteem.

Look in the mirror. Watch the mirror.

Look at your thoughts. Watch your thoughts.

Their is only one way in which you can regain control of your life. You must become more AWARE. You must regain your consciousness.

Don’t be lazy. The mind will keep trying to regain control in subtle ways. The only way to surpass this is to regain awareness.

Best of luck.

Until next time,

The Masked Man.

“Sedated” – Mac Miller x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat 2016 (Prod by EyeAm.)

“Sedated” is a tripped out Mac Miller x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat.

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You know that girl that’s bad for you.. yet you still desire her anyways. That’s what marijuana is to me. Once that thought of blazing enters my mind, it just keeps coming back like a boomerang.

I hear “Psst.. Hey, you. Roll up a doob and let’s get loose.”

So I twist up a joint. A beautiful joint, fat like a baby with absolutely no wrinkles.

I yonder on outside, put the tip to my lips and flick the bic.

After cycling the smoke in and out.. my state of mind shifts.

Shit.. this was supposed to get me high… why am I on the ground. This was supposed to calm me down, but I’m paranoid. The thoughts start taking on a life of their own. I no longer control them.

Then BANG!

I quit.

Quit taking hits to make hits.

I’ve gotten stoned more times than that dude Jesus Christ and now understand that “What goes up, must come down”

I don’t mari-wanna do anything that doesn’t lift me and the people around me up. I’m too focussed on self progression.

Let’s create the lives we choose.
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