[FREE] Mac Miller Type Beat 2017 – “Captive” by EyeAm.


Yoo! Here’s a new Mac Miller type instrumental beat to get you into some vibes!

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[FREE] Childish Gambino x Tyler The Creator Type Beat 2017 (Prod. by EyeAm.)

Yoo, it’s EyeAm and here’s a fire beat that I decided to release for free! It’s a cheerful, feel good hip-hop instrumental titled “Sweet Tooth,” If you’ve listened to Childish Gambino’s 2017 album “Awaken, My Love” you will hear a lot of similar sounds. This song can also be compared with Tyler The Creator and some of his collabs with The Internet and Kali Uchis.

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“Moving Out” 🏠 Chance The Rapper ft. Childish Gambino Type Beat 2016 by EyeAm.

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“Moving Out”

It’s weird… I’m moving out (of my parents house)…. yet I feel like I’m moving in..Moving into myself. Into my heart.

In life you will face many forks in the road.. You will have temptations. You will make mistakes. You will have successes.. It’s not the results that matter though.

What matters is that you choose the right guide. The heart… This can be scary. This is risky. But this is life. This is feeling alive.

My parents don’t understand my vision. They want me to play it safe.. you know go to school and get a good job. Classic, right.

I have temptations too.. Drugs. Alcohol. I know these things don’t benefit me.

I can’t do that. I’m at the fork in the road right now. The path way is not lit… but I thank god for giving me a heart to use as a flashlight. A guide.

I put my trust in my heart. I’ve got faith in my abilities. Faith that comes from the universe.

So next time you hit a fork in the road. Take a step back.

“What do you “think” you should do?” … Nope, that’s the wrong question.

“What do you FEEL you should do?” THAT, is the question to ask yourself.

I’m so happy that I have chosen my inner guide.

Maybe the money comes one day, maybe it doesn’t… but one thing’s for sure. I want to pass away with peace of mind that I KNOW I made the right decisions throughout my life.

I am really busy with moving into my new place right now, so I may not upload anything for a week.

I will be back soon with more consistent content then ever.

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[Free] “Never Before” 🚀 Childish Gambino x Joey Badass Type Beat 2016 (Prod. by EyeAm.)

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“Never Before”

This beats was all about doing things I had never done before. New sounds, new effects… but more importantly, a new approach.

I’m trying to view all things with new eyes, like I have never done it before.

I’m trying to find the curiosity that was within me as a child.

I was getting a little bored with music until I started to approach it in a brand new (creative) way.

I started with an instrument I never would have used before and slowly started building upon it. It brought back the fresh feeling within. The juices started flowing.

If you want to bring more joy and excitement back into your life, start viewing everything you do like new! Be curious! Be a chemist and experiment with new ideas.

Even small things like meeting new people… Don’t just fall into the same old routines of “Hey, my name is “xxx” yada yada yada… Instead, bring something new to the situation. Surprise people. Keep them off guard! It will keep life interesting, exciting, and new.

We (humans) are the closest thing to god (by god I mean the CREATOR). We are ALL creators.

As creators we need to stop thinking that only art is creative… that is a lie. ANYTHING can be creative!

Creative simply means doing something new! So whether you are cleaning or writing poetry, do it as if it is brand new… because it really is a brand new situation!

An easy way to be more creative is to think “If there is one thing I know in life… it’s that I know nothing.”

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

[Free] “SPiRiTs” – Joey BadAss x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat 2016 (Prod. by EyeAm.)


Earl Sweatshirt x Joey Badass Type Beat

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“The Spirits Keep Calling Me”

It’s friday night,
& I’ve got my mind right,
The sun went down
So I’m up to make sounds,

Found an ozone up in my own zone,
’til these spirits started calling me on my home phone. *Ring**Ring*

It’s my necessity to hustle,
’til temptations make me struggle,
My friends are up to trouble,
They say “come and drink a couple.”

I know they’re bluffin’
Cuz a couple means a dozen,
Search for pieces of
peace yet I find that I’m puzzled.

The spirits keep calling,
Yep, the spirits installing,
Devil and the angel on my
shoulders keep me stalling.

Somewhat feint… but I can hear it,
Can’t do what I’ll regret,
So I text the damn spirits.

Told em’ that my insides are talking and I talk back,
I can’t drink tonight so please don’t call back.

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[FREE] 21 Savage x Metro Boomin Type Beat 2016 “Sinister” (Prod. by EyeAm.)

“SINISTER” is a free 21 Savage x Metro Boomin Type Beat. Bangin’ 808’s, distroted flutes, and trippy strings supply the instrumental with a spooky 21 vibe.

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